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Hi I’m Breselyer, yes that’s me the gruff looking guy on the right. Why so gruff? For a laugh really. My name means “warrior” in Cornish so I had to look all warriorish didn’t I?

It’s pronounced “Brez-El-Yer” but most people just call me “Brez” which is fine.

I’m actually laughing and mucking about most of the time when I’m not derping hard.

I used to work in the games industry, I spent 12 years originally as a programmer then as a Q.A. Manager for two companies. When that time came to an end I decided to branch out into new things. One of which was streaming on Twitch. I love games and have been playing PC and console games since the 80s (shh it’s magic I’m not actually that old…ignore the colour of my beard).

Relaxed kinda guy

I love meeting people and sharing good times. And what’s more fun than doing ridiculous things in a game? As I’ve “levelled up” (not got older…no I level up instead) I’ve become less of a “serious” gamer and more of a “have as much fun as you can” gamer. So you wont find me at the top of many scoreboards, but you will find me laughing my guts out as I’ve just died in an embarassing or spectacular way in some game or other. Hopefully with not too shameful an amount of points gained before I go.

I’m a lot more approachable than my warrior face would suggest so why not find me on Twitch, come and have a chat, and maybe even join me in game for a good fun session.

Image of Breselyer

I have a Linktree to aggregate the places you can find me. 

And a Throne so you can see what I’m working on adding to my stream kit to improve my streams.

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