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I’m beginning to grow a YouTube presence. If you’d like to see my gaming activity and selected stream content from my Twitch streams please feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel. Every subscription helps me develop the channel and it’s free!

If there’s anything you’d like to see here please feel free to drop me a line or a comment on any of my social media accounts. I’m always looking for suggestions and I’d be interested to hear what you’d like to see.

All of the music used in my YouTube videos is sourced from Royalty Free sites. All has been provided for use in such projects free from the worry of a DMCA strike. If you like the music used I reference the artist in the video info section under the video on YouTube.

If you are the creator of any of the music and you believe it has been incorrectly considered free please contact me and I will remedy the situation. The sites I use list it as free to use so I will in turn contact them in the case of any issue arising.

All of the content in the videos is created by myself and is footage of my gameplay. I create and edit my own videos so all of the work involved is my own. I do not reuse sections of other people’s videos or work in any way.

If you are the developer/publisher of any of the games featured and have an issue with me using the game for my content please contact me and I will remedy the issue.

There, that’s all the legal sounding stuff neatly tucked down here at the bottom so it doesn’t get in the way of you enjoying (or not lol) the content above. Thanks for looking. If you like what you see here I stream on Twitch on Sundays and Mondays and I upload to YouTube whenever I think I have something someone may live to see.

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