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What is this?

This is my blog. I’m Breselyer, an ex game tester now Twitch streamer. I’m going to blog my progress in the world of Twitch streaming and content creation, share my musings on what’s going on in the world, and in general use this as a place to update my followers on what’s going on with me if they wish to know.

I’ve been pretty bad at keeping it up to date so far (ADHD is a pain in the ass sometimes lol) but I’ll endeavor to keep some sort of focus and make this a regular thing. If you have any questions about anything you see here you can contact me on Twitter, Instagram, or better still pop along to one of my streams and ask me in person. You could even use my contact form on this very site! How’s that for choice.

Everything you see here will be my views and not representative of anyone else. That’s kinda a disclaimer I suppose. If I said it here it’s me saying it, if you have an issue with any of it tell me and we can discuss it. If I mention any specific person or company in any of the content, well that’s me talking about them, not for them.

Just a note on neurodivergence. I’m dyslexic which means, amongst other things, I have a shockingly poor memory and I’m a bit scatterbrained. So don’t take offence if I don’t recognise your name in chat, it’s nothing personal. I just can’t do remembering things, especially not word-based things particularly well. And if you use different names on different platforms, the chances of me linking them together in my head as both being you are pretty slim.

The posts (why you came here I’m guessing).

  • Well, that went well…but I’m still streaming.
    What happened Streaming on a shoestring – So as you can probably see for yourself, I planned to update this blog regularly. “Content is king” and all that. But life got very much in the way. A lot has happened since I last wrote a post here so I’ll sum it up as multiple fans […]
  • Catch Up
    Well it’s been a while! Life got busy so I’ve been really bad at keeping up with this blog so here’s a catch up. I’m still streaming and have gradually acquired more equipment. I’ve upgraded my cpu, ram, graphics card, added a new mic, and got a mixer.I’m still playing Crossout every Sunday and Monday […]
  • Sunday 3rd June
    I’m planning to stream again on Sunday 3rd June. 6pm GMT. Hopefully Casworan will join us too for another Crossout grinding session.
  • Boo failzorz
    Well the mic was a bust. It added new unwelcome sounds. So in an effort to find a solution I broke Streamlabs in several different ways at several different times. After hours of tinkering I finally got my Streaming setup back up and running. Now my back aches and the room is like an inferno […]
  • Trialling a mic
    Today I am going to be testing a new mic setup. my desk mic was picking up too much PC fan and keyboard/moues noise so I’m trialling a lapel mic to see if that helps.

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