Well, that went well…but I’m still streaming.

Streaming on a shoestring

What happened

Streaming on a shoestring – So as you can probably see for yourself, I planned to update this blog regularly. “Content is king” and all that. But life got very much in the way. A lot has happened since I last wrote a post here so I’ll sum it up as multiple fans were spattered with a certain substance and I got very distracted.

On the streaming front, I used to have an Nvidia 1660 graphics card. I could just about play most of the games I wanted to stream and stream them at the same time. I game and stream on one machine. Then one day I had a power surge…and my graphics card literally caught fire lol. There was soot on the VRAM chips.
Since then I’ve been trying to stream off the only card I had to hand as a replacement. An Nvidia 1050 with 2GB of VRAM. This limited card cut down the variety of games I could stream. It can just about run World of Tanks but couldn’t also stream it at the same time for example. It can’t handle creating any of the 3D graphics you’ll see as the theme of my stream.

I’m still working on getting a proper replacement so I can go back to the proper variety streaming I was doing beforehand. I want to get back to playing more Call of Duty, Destiny 2, Warframe, and to cover new games like Hunt Showdown for example.

Future plans

I’ve been working on getting some, admittedly even older gear, set up as a second PC so I can play on my main machine and stream from the second machine. This should free up the resources to do both properly rather than half-heartedly doing both on one limited graphics card. But as per usual I’m working with what I have to hand so I still have a couple of issues to resolve before I can move over to that dual platform. For example, I need to work out how to still hear the stream alerts and sounds when they aren’t playing on the machine I’m currently gaming on. Also I need a bigger Elgato Streamdeck (mine only has 6 buttons) so I can properly control the stream once it’s no longer a click away on the current machine.

All the funds my stream raises go back into updating my stream equipment and games so I can continue doing what I love. As I continue to work on this I will eventually, hopefully, resolve my sound issue and acquire the equipment I need to move over to a dual PC setup and hopefully replace my graphics card so I can go back to playing more modern games.

Until then if you want to see some classic Bres Leeroy Jenkins style Crossout action or have a chat about whatever weird and wonderful nonsense pops into my head be sure to head over on Sunday and Monday evenings to catch my stream. I’m here every week and I’m still growing slowly despite my setbacks. If you want to help me reach my goal (which is nice but of course not compulsory, all my content is free to watch) you can click here and thank you in advance.

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